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Are you looking for an online business concept that brings you more customers - without costing you too much time and money? Here you will find, what you are looking for!

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You are ready to get your business online - or maybe even to set the next step, like starting on webinars, membership areas or online courses? You need help and are not sure whether I am the right person to go with? Let's just have an initial briefing for about 20 minutes and find out. It is free of charge. We'll talk on Skype or Whatsapp.


Do you have the feeling that you are no longer in the driver's seat of your own life?
„It's your not waste it!“ is the title of my book.

Video Marketing

Cool videos for your business
marketing videos, explainer videos, image videos, trainings videos and more
- also for small budgets!


No matter if you are just starting off and still looking for your niche, or if you have very specific issues: we will deal with it and I'll show you how it works.

Online Courses

Step by step instructions for better online marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, productivity and personal development.

What I can do for you:

I help entrepreneurs in the fields of training, coaching and therapy to create an online business concept and to develop their personality in order to live a efficient, successful and fulfilled life. I am using one to one coachings, online courses, e-books and webinars as means of teaching.

My motto is „Live Your Full Potential“, as I beleive that we all are constantly limiting ourselves in many ways and are not making use of our full potential. I help my clients to find their real grateness and to also live it – in their personal lives as well as in their businesses.

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Online Courses

My Book

Do you have the feeling that you are not sitting in the driver‘s seat of your own life? Are you maybe dissatisfied with your job or your love relation but do not know how to walk new paths?

Or maybe you even have a big dream, but somehow you just don‘t come any closer to it. Could be you intend to become self-employed, you are dreaming of write a book or you would love to undertake a long journey. But year passes after year and nothing changes.

Often we have just unlearned to realize what we really want out of life, the things that fulfill us and make us happy. Sometimes we are just afraid of any change. All this leaves us where we are and to do nothing about it. But this makes us discontent. Deep within us there is this growing feeling, that life was supposed to offer more to us, than what we actually experience.

“Live Your Full Potential!“ is the motto of all my workshops, coachings, e-books, online courses and the more. In this book, I invite you right from the beginning to participate as it is about YOUR life, after all.


"Many thanks for your competent and flexible consultancy and supervision throughout the process of making my company fit for social media und email marketing. Your cordial kindness combined with you enormous expert knowledge enriches each client and I want to recommend your services very warmly."

Andrea Mikisch 
CEO of Amaté College

Video Marketing

Modern marketing is unthinkable without videos. Every entrepreneur should have some. Especially in the fields of counseling, training and therapy - and also as a freelancer your products are often not self explanitory. Using a video can be a quick and simple method which additionally positions you at your clients'. 

I've been creating groovy explainer videos, marketing videos, trainings videos and image videos for years. My clients are mainly solopreneurs in the fields of counseling, training, therapy, beauty, wellness&nutrition but also technicians, holders of patents and providers of renewable energy devices.

"Being clear and focused, Meike brings the things to a point and thus helps to have your very individual marketing appearance planned and adapted! I can cordially recommen Meike to all entrepreneurs who want to appear professional and competetent."

Kari Lukas



No matter if you are just starting off and still looking for your niche, or if you have very specific issues: we will deal with it and I'll show you how it works.
Annual Coaching: I accompany you on a long term basis and support you not only to achieve your set goals but also to stay tuned and not to lose direction.
Projekt Coaching: I support you to reach a specific goal. Possible projects could be: your start into online marketing, your first webinar, your first facebook page, your first book, e-book or audiobook, your first blog, your first podcast, the set up of a membership area or your first animated marketing video.

The coaching is on Skype.

Free Initial Briefing: In case you are not sure if the both of us are a good match, just book a free initial briefing with me.


"To me Meike Hohenwarter is a downright pro in the fields of online marketing. She is competent, reliable, flexible, enormously structured and clear. Coaching with Meike is a great support as she is leading you through the processes with ease and always shows you how to implement everything yourself - if you wish to. One can tell that she has access to a sheer inexhaustible treasure of knowledge and experience and has in no time a solution for any problem. I am very glad that I have found Meike for my projects, she has supported me tremendously and saved me from a lot of time spending, effort and costs. Many thanks!"

Gabriele Sirotek
Nutritional Trainer

Online Courses

Learning and teaching are my great passions.Thus I have managed a learning coaching institute for 13 years where I've been showing children and adults how easy learning can be. There I could also make good use of my experience a NLP master trainer and as a consultant.
I share my knowledge in a "brainfriendly" manner, a very visual way thus  making learning, understanding and apllying easy. I do not only want to teach but also motivate, stimulate and inspire.

My topics are:

  • online marketing
  • video marketing
  • personality and productivity
  • (Visual) Learning

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